Ophthalmology EMR

Medflow Complete’s fully-integrated ophthalmology EMR software, Practice Management, and diagnostic Imaging system successfully automates all areas of an ophthalmic practice with one solution.  It was designed exclusively for ophthalmology practices by a staff dedicated specifically to ophthalmology; we understand the needs of your ophthalmic practice.

Medflow Complete is designed to streamline the workflow of your practice while seamlessly integrating information from patient registration and scheduling to charting of medical records, all simultaneously incorporated with diagnostic testing, billing and collections. The Medflow Complete team works closely with every physician and staff member to train them on the correct operation of software, hardware, data requirements, interfaces, all aspects of the ophthalmology Electronic Medical Records system, and practice management system. All Medflow Complete trainers are certified ophthalmic technicians (COA, COT, COMT) or licensed opticians (ABOC), who understand the inner workings of an ophthalmology practice. Medflow Complete’s one-of-a-kind ophthalmology EMR softwareand our unique method of implementation and training are why we are successful and why Medflow has achieved the industry’s leading implementation success rate: 100%.Medflow Complete’s ophthalmology EMR has been carefully fine-tuned and refined to address the unique needs of each ophthalmic sub-specialty, including (but not limited to): oculoplastics, glaucoma, retina surgery, LASIK, and pediatric exams. Medflow Complete has designed an EMR for ophthalmology that meets existing software and hardware needs for your practice, as well as, projected needs of the future. Because of our intimate ties to the ophthalmic industry, we are in the position to immediately develop necessary changes to meet the needs and requirements of your ophthalmology practice.

With its comprehensive ophthalmology EMR solutions, Medflow Complete was designed to provide the fastest and most efficient workflow optimization, practice management, billing and accounts receivables management, front desk imaging, inventory management, ophthalmic imaging, and online Patient Portal. Medflow Complete’s ophthalmology EMR is optimized to provide rapid access to clinical data, and is constantly being improved upon to provide even faster and more accurate documentation of each patient encounter; thereby allowing for the highest levels of patient care, reimbursement, and total system satisfaction.

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About Medflow Complete

Meaningful Use

  • Ophthalmology is our only focus
  • Certified ophthalmic technicians
  • Licensed Opticians
  • Specialized screens for all subspecialties
  • Integrated DICOM Imaging built in
  • Ophthalmology specific software for over 12 years

Drummond Certified

Medflow is ONC-ATCB Certified for Meaningful Use