About Us

DavLong Business Solutions was founded in 1983 for the sole purpose of providing computerized business solutions. During our 33+ year history we have narrowed our focus to the Medical industry. Initially, this took the form of automating the billing and practice management components of a practice. With a business focused on installing and supporting practice management systems, the natural path of evolution for the company was to automate other areas within the medical practice.

In 1992, we installed our first fully Integrated Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Enterprise Practice Management (EPM) system. DavLong was a pioneer in the EMR industry by offering a fully integrated product. With our experience, we have fine tuned our implementation process, which has resulted in hundreds of successful installations, and now have more time to focus on adding additional features for our clients.

With our headquarters located in Savannah, Georgia; we support physician group clients across the country. Our team includes seasoned managers, experienced software programmers, hardware and systems technicians, as well as expert support and training personnel.

Our team of professionals design systems to meet existing and projected software and hardware needs. Our effort integrates close client involvement to create systems that are affordable, functional, adaptable, and most importantly personalized.

Development frequently involves interaction that moves beyond the walls of a practice as team members work in partnership with insurance companies, laboratory service providers and imaging groups.

Training is another vital part of the equation for success. Our team works closely with every physician and staff member to train them on correct operation of software, hardware, data requirements, interfaces and other aspects of the system.

Technology and the business environment are dynamic, just like healthcare. Our goal is to continue to support you and your practice with affordable, dependable products and services.

We are run by an energetic, highly motivated and focused management team who can make quick decisions about the design of the system on a daily basis. We have a strong relationship with our user base and we are acutely in tune with the market. If there is a need for a new procedure, workflow routine, diagnostic interface or any other item that would have an impact on your business, we can and will quickly adjust to the demand. This kind of responsiveness is extremely valuable in today’s marketplace. In this ever-evolving business, you need, expect and deserve to have a company that will work with you and for you, striving to make your practice successful.